Responsible Social Gaming

Setslots Responsible Social Gaming Policy

Date of last Update: 14th May 2022

Setslots is committed to endorsing a responsible gaming as a policy of customer care and social responsibility.

We believe it is our responsibility to you, our customers, to ensure that you enjoy your experience on our platform, while remaining fully aware of the potential risks that can be associated with computer gaming if you don’t remain in control.

To ensure that you continue to enjoy safe and manageable play, we fully support responsible gaming and have put measures in place to assist players who wish to control their play.


Playing computer games should be treated as a fun pastime. Here are some tips to help you maintain control of your gaming:

  • Keep it fun
    Playing computer games is a form of entertainment, but they should be played in mode\ration and not to escape reality or to generate income through winning prizes.
  • Do not spend too much
    Set a budget for your entertainment and stick to it. You can always make use of free play via Setslots’s alternative methods of entry.
  • Keep track of the time
    We are thrilled you’re here and we hope that you can continue playing, but don’t let computer gaming take up too much of your time. Just like going to the movies or going bowling, we are here when you need some entertainment.
  • Make use of our gaming management tools
    If you need some time out, you can take a break from playing at any time by following the steps in section 2.
    If you think you may be gaming too often, then it may be handy to consider the self-assessment questions in section 3 below.


We encourage our customers to game responsibly, so we offer a variety of responsible gaming features.

  • Self-Exclusion and Account Closure Options
    If you feel like you want to take a break, or that your gaming has become problematic, you may voluntarily exclude yourself from the Setslots platform using the tools provided within the “Profile” section of the website. You may request to exclude yourself from the Setslots platform by choosing one of the following options:
    Permanently’ (Permanent Self-Exclusion) by selecting this option and clicking “Permanent Lock”, this will exclude you from using our services indefinitely. This action cannot be reversed either by you or by anyone at Setslots.
    for a selected period (Limited Timeout) by selecting the desired return date, and then pressing “Timeout”.
    Once selected, the option chosen comes into effect immediately. If after this you find that you can still access the Setslots platform, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately via email.
    During any exclusion period, you will not have any access to the Setslots platform. If you require access to your account history and / or information you will need to email Customer Support via email.
    At the conclusion of a Limited Timeout, your access to the Setslots platform will be reinstated.
    Once the self-exclusion is applied and through its duration, you will no longer receive any further marketing materials from us. We strongly recommend that you also seek exclusion from all other gaming platforms you have an active account with. If you use social media channels, you should take steps to ensure that you don’t receive our news or updates.
    We may exclude you from the Setslots platform permanently or for a Limited timeout period in our sole discretion if there are reasons to indicate that you may have a computer gaming problem.
  • Sample self-assessment questions include:
    Do your gambling sessions frequently last longer than you planned?
    Do you often gamble until you are entirely out of money?
    Have you ever borrowed money to pay for gambling?
    Do you ever lose track of time when you are gambling?
    Have you ever gambled to escape from problems or worries?
    Do you frequently have the urge to win back money you have lost?
    Do arguments, stresses or frustrations cause you to want to gamble?
    Have you ever sold possessions to pay for gambling?
    Have others ever commented that you spend too much time gambling?
    You can find more questions for a complete self-assessment at the Center for Problem Gambling.
  • Amending Limits
    Where you choose to amend your purchase limits the following rules will come into effect:
    a request to decrease a purchase limit is effective immediately
    a request to increase a purchase limit is displayed as pending and will not come into effect until a period of 7 days has elapsed
  • Stop playing/Close your account
    You may choose to close your account. If you wish to do so, make a written email request to Customer Support via email to support[at]
    We reserve the right to refuse or close a Customer Account in our sole discretion, but any contractual obligations already made by us will be honoured accordingly.
  • Exclusion by unregistered players
    You may also voluntarily exclude yourself from the Setslots platform if you do not have a customer account. If you wish to do so, you must send an email to support[at] including your full name, full residential address, email address and age to allow us to block you from registering and playing on the Setslots platform in the future. This self-exclusion will only be lifted 7 days after we receive your written email requesting to ignore your previous request of self-exclusion.
  • Activity Statement
    Information relating to your gaming can be viewed in the Gaming History section of Setslots and in the Transaction History section of the platform. For information relating to your gaming that goes back beyond any records displayed within the Gaming History, please contact Customer Support via email.